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Anti-aging Skin Equipment - Mono polar RF acne wrikle treatment


Detailed Product Description

Anti-aging skin beauty equipment RF395E
1.rf lifting
2.rf tighten
3.rf skin rejuvenation
4.rf facial treatment
1) Anti-aging skin beauty equipment RF395E working theory
RF395E adopts the highly technical elite of radio frequency from Italy and Korean. Electron digital control system can effectively control the power and speed of radio frequency, which make different comfortable treatments suit to different skin and parts. Originally imported electrode probe head are applicable to the face, eyes, cervix and body parts, and they are used to tighten skin, dispel wrinkle and shape body.
2)Anti-aging skin beauty equipment RF395E The function of mechanism
 1.Electric wave pull skin uses the constantly change
electrode of the radio frequency of the high frequency current, when which pass to the human body organization, also make the electron highly circum and collide each other, so that produces biological heat energy and make the temperature of deep organization heat up when the collagen and fiber in the derma layer heated to 45 degree-60 degree, so the skin will be tightened at once and the collagen will constantly increase, which really reach the effect of dispelling wrinkle forever and keep youth.
3).Anti-aging skin beauty equipment RF395E rebuild the rebirth system of collagen
Collagen is the one of owning most protein in the human body, and it is a connection material between the cell and cell of skin, and it is called" the gold nutrition of the skin". With growing old, ultraviolet radiation, environment factors, oxidation effect in the human body and mass production of free radical, the structure of collagen organization is changing and disappearing gradually, and the skin will be aging and not be flexible. What's more, the skin will be slack and wrinkled. The heat energy of electric wave can directly reach the deep layer of skin, which can effectively stimulate the collagen organization of the skin and increase the collagen constantly, all which is a way to keep youth. Keeping enough collagen in the skin, which can keep youth.
4)Anti-aging skin beauty equipment RF395E warranty time
We provide customers one year warranty time for product. Within the warranty time, we could give customers free accessories to fit the machine if the problem really happens. We also give customers lifetime technical support.
5)Anti-aging skin beauty equipment RF395E competitive advantages
1 the latest design
2 the mini model for easy carry and transportaion
3 application for the facial and eye
4 easy to operation and maintain
5 offer OEM/ODM service
6. Suitable for all kinds of skin.
7. Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatemnt.
8. Easy operation, easy study.
9. Non- exhaustion, low cost investment and quick high returns
10. Suitable for all kinds of skin.
11. Comfortable, painless, woundless during the treatemnt.
12. Easy operation, easy study.

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