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Infrared magnetic resonance suction LED lights slimming machine

Detailed Product Description

GS6.9 slimming
1.vacuum fat
2.vacuum lishts
3.vacuum led
4.sliming vacuum

slimming Specifications

1. Powerful vacuum shaping system to rebulid body line
2. LED therapy,red,blue,green,
3. infrared therapy vibration massage

GS6.9 is integrated by microcomputer, high technology, human engineering, physics and electronics. It does extermination, extrusion, massage on the human subcutaneous fat layer through far infrared rays, magnetic resonance, LED light and other physical therapy in order to achieve the effects of dredging channels, promoting blood circulation, strengthening lipolysis, removing edema, enhancing metabolism of downsizing and keeping healthy.

Slimming and losing weight are two different conceptions. Losing weight is just to shed the surplus fat of human body, but slimming is more detailed, which is for the local obesity. The ultimate target of slimming is achieving more perfect and beauty body and make skin more elastic and lustrous .The scientific slimming can not only achieve the aim of losing weight, but also rebuilt the curve of human body, making the human body more healthy and elegant.


This machine has three therapeutic heads as follows; the magnetic resonance and infrared therapeutic heads have the functions of eliminate the surplus fat, fat blasting the stubborn fat of body, remove fat. And also the head with LED light therapy, it can accelerate the circulation of blood, promote metabolism, improve the skin, white and tender skin etc.  The two Optical light vacuum nagative pressure therapeutic heads, one of them is for face, the other on is for body. All of them can suck and remove surplus fat. It is useful for body slimming and beauty skin.

 GS6.9 slimming Function

1. Magnetic resonance and infrared therapeutic function;

2. Optical light eliminate fat function;

3. Optical light suck fat function;

4. Negative pressure suck fat, remove fat;

5. IC Control System



 GS6.9 slimming

Optical wave range: 600NM-990NM

Infrared centigrade: 30-60C

The light of Optical: red, green , blue and purple.

Out power: below 150


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