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Multipolar Radiofrequency Slimming System - RF Slimming Machine

Detailed Product Description

rf1.tripolar,7/8 polar rf
rf2.RF vaccum
rf3.slim/skin tighten



1.tripolar RF handle aims at small parts
2.tripolar RF handle aims at facial polar RF handle aims at body
4.eight polar RF with vacuum suction break up thick fat
5.color touch-screen with multi-media
6.USB multimedia data transmission

4D Converter Technology

4D Multipole Radiofrequency slimming machine utilizes 5MHz radiofrequency with 4D converter technique, combined with vacuum negative pressure and heat to repel deep fat, and with multipolar working heads to help skin do exercise, meanwhile, it can effectively heat up cellulite, promote subcutaneous fat tissue metabolism, and get effect of body shaping and figure rebuilt.

Multipolar heat energy for repelling deep fat

1.Through 4D converter technique, to produce biological heat energy, increase tissue temperature, completely repel and dissolve deep fat.

2.Improve lymphatic circulation, be helpful to speed up burning fat.

3.Promote metabolism, enhance the natural burning ability of body fat.

4.Dispel toxin and rubbish, and gain health.

8 polar vacuum negative pressure for breaking up fat

1. By vacuum suction, break up thick fat, can effectively wipe put stubborn thick fat.

2. Promote metabolism, speed up splitting fat and excreting rubbish.

3. Strengthen dispelling cellulite, and effectively improve areolar tissue.

4. Promote blood circulation, increase skin oxygen content, and improve skin condition and color.

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