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NV-N8 Intelligence Ultrasonic Cavitation,Beauty Slimming Machine

Cavitation Machine


1. Functions :

 1) Vacuum & Photon (blue)


Vacuum: Lymphatic drainage; Reduction of cellulites; Body Firming Up; Reduce Belly; Improvement in the texture and tone of the skin; Vacuum and remove cellulites to certain area, which is convenient for the ultrasonic cavitation to break cellulites.

Photon (blue): Acne, Susceptivity skin, Diminish inflammation.


2) Ultrasonic Cavitation (27Khz & 40Khz)

What is cavitation? It using strong ultrasonic wave penetrates into cellulite directly. It makes cellulite cells vibrate 27 (or 40) thousand times per second. It blasts cellulite and makes it break up into small pieces and liquid by using a specific technology.

It has the function: open cellulite, active cellulite, blast and dissolve cellulite to achieve the aim of body shaping. It has no pain and hurt while using.


3) Ultrasonic Pads (4pcs)

Smear gel to ultrasound pads and put it on the position for losing weight; fix the position with bandage, during treatment please communicate with client then adjust the intensity and mode accordingly.


2. Parameters:




Vacuum & Photon (blue)

2 Functions in 1 probe

Ultrasonic Cavitation

27Khz Probe X1, 40Khz Probe X1

Ultrasonic Pads

1.1 Mhz, 4pads


3.Packaging Details :                      


Item NO.





Gross Weight


100V-120V, 220V-240V.


450 Watt

114X53X54 CM

56 KGS


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