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Omnipotence Skin Oxygen Supplier - water oxygen beauty machine

Detailed Product Description

oxygen skin treatments
1.oxygen inject+spray
2.photon skin beauty
3.BIO wrinkle remover handle

oxygen skin treatments

1)What is omnipotence skin oxygen injection machine?

The omnipotence oxygen jet adopts the theory of the world advanced transformer absorption, which can soon separate the high concentration, dustless, asepsis, medical pure oxygen continuously from the air in the normal temperature after connected the power. Meanwhile, it takes the integrative functions of the oxygen absorption, oxygen injection and oxygen spray come true, which deals with the oxygen shortage of the human body entirely. The oxygen injection makes use of the oxygen-injected tools, under the suitable and restrictive pressure, to inject the active elements into the bottom of the skin with the help of the pure oxygen. Then propelled by the pulse, the pure oxygen is delivered to the deeper layer of the skin.


The omnipotence oxygen jet provides the medical beauty therapy without needle and pain, which can make use of the oxygen to propel the specific portion active element into the deeper skin, including boson uric acid, oxygen serum, etc. These active elements can penetrate the deep layer of the skin and reach the natural intervals of the epidermis cells, which will appear the positive influence.

2)What is the working theory of this machine?

The omnipotence oxygen jet ionizes the gas of the air and creats the oxygen of 98% purity under the high pressure separation method. Together with the special design nozzle, lance boom and facial mask, the jet injects, spays and inhales the oxygen directly to the wrinkle and dry skin, which makes the skin adsorbs the oxygen quickly, adds the activity of the human cells and accelerates its metabolism so that it can reach an unbelievable treatment effect. Meanwhile, it also can use the suction of the sucking pen to cleanse the lymph, use the soft-photon to nurse skin, use the BIO biology current to pull skin.


3)What main accessories does this machine include and their functions?

1.Lance boom- it can give off the oxygen after pressed the control button, it can give off the essence after drew the control button backward, it also can give off the misty combination of the essence and the oxygen after adjusted. There is a essence memorizer setting on the head of the lance boom.

2.Sucking pen-it is used for draining and cleaning the lymph.

3.Nozzle- it is used for the oxygen injection of the skin.

4.Oxygen injector working head-according to different part selection, who skin is injector oxygen.

5.Facial mask-it is used for the oxygen inhalation and fragrance-impregnation cleanse.

6.BIO wrinkle-dispelling stick-it is used for nursing skin wrinkle.

7.Soft-photon working head –it is used for function of tender-skin.


4)after sales service

Warranty time:1 year  If problem happens, we will inform our engineer at the first time. Within warranty time, we provide free accessories, video, picture for customers to teach them to fix machine. We also provide life time technical support and service.


5)What are applications of this machine?

1. Skin rejuvenation, remove facial blemish, tighten large hair pores, deeply cleaning, and improve the flexibility and tone of skin.
2. Scar removal; remove scar caused by laser treatment, burn, surgical etc.
3. Wrinkle removal; remove fine lines, wrinkles and spider veins.
4. Acne removal; remove acne, comedones, blackheads and acne scar. Restrain the inflammation.


6)technical parameter

1.voltage:220v/110v 50-60Hz

2.input power:370w

3.pressure output:0.04MPa

4.oxygen fluxL:1-3 L/min

5.oxygen concentration:90%

6.electric types:1/B type

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