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Wholesale Quality Roll On Hot Depilatory Wax Waxing Hair Removal

Photographed all random taste.
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1. Honey: < promote > skin's blood circulation, improve metabolism, promote cell growth, anti-aging, enhances the skin elasticity and toughness, surface more smooth and moist.
2. Aloe vera: aloe contains grape sour. Sugar syrup, a small amount of calcium and protein, protect skin, clean, shrink pores, fade melanin, etc. Beauty effect.
3. Lemon: remove aging cells, promote collagen production, make dull skin bright, whiten skin, fade melanin, the greasy hair skin has the effect of purification, make the skin organization excited, make skin full of luster.
4. Milk: can improve skin cell activity, delay skin aging, improve skin tension and remove small wrinkles.
5. Roses: anti-wrinkle moisturizing, remove wrinkles, refreshing, make the skin delicate, full of luster, promote metabolism, suitable for all skin, especially for mature, dry or sensitive skin.
6. Apple: supply moisture to the skin cell and a variety of plant protein, relieve and fade wrinkles, moisturizing effect is better.
7. Chamomile, very suitable for sensitive skin, can prevent allergy, link allergic symptoms, such as soothing skin and pores, and have the function of the cool and refreshing and help the skin tissue regeneration.
8. Tea tree: the effect of sterilization is the strongest of all essential oils, can regulate impurity, blocking the skin, can shrink capillaries, have moist, fresh and bactericidal properties.
9. Green tea: it contains lots of natural active substances, including EGCG has many important physiological activity and pharmacological effect, to prevent bask in, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, etc have special effect.
10. Lavender: lavender essential oil has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, its fragrance can awake brain bright eye, make people comfortable, suitable for sensitive skin, can balance oil secretion, regularize skin.
11. Orange: promote skin sweating, thus can help block the skin get rid of toxins, can effectively improve dry skin, wrinkles and eczema, balance skin ph value, help the collagen formation.
12. The banana: banana oil rich in vitamin A can moisturize skin, also can improve red caused by skin capillaries.
13. Kiwi fruit, kiwi fruit essential oil is rich in vitamin C as an antioxidant, can also help the skin to resist uv, prevent dark spots, freckles, have beautiful white effect extremely.
14. Strawberry: rich in a variety of fruit acid, vitamins, minerals and so on can increase skin elasticity, have the function of the degreasing cleaning, at the same time can also moisturizing whitening.
15. Chocolate, chocolate essential oil contains a natural antioxidant flavonoid, can prevent blood vessels to harden.


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